Welcome to FAS-PHP Version 1.0!

Please click Help in the navigation bar at the top to learn more about how this application works. Help is context sensitive and provides its own navigation bar to help you find answers to your questions. If desired, there is a FAS Guide that may be downloaded (PDF) for reference offline.

Important Information:
Disclaimer -- FAS is not a valid source for certifying effort on Federal research projects:
Please note that information included in FAS is not intended to certify faculty effort on externally funded projects. Effort validation is collected in the CLEAR System. You may contact the Office of Sponsored Programs Accounting and Administration for more information on this subject.
Curriculum vitae -- Please keep a current CV on file in FAS:
The University requires that a curriculum vitae be available to the administration for each member of the faculty and that it be updated annually. To meet these requirements, an electronic repository is available. It is recommended that you update your CV during your preparation for your annual review. Please note that the CV you save here does not substitute for the FAS data you must provide for use in management of the University. You are encouraged to publish a CV deposited here to the Faculty Book to help other members find research collaborators.
New Features -- FAS has recently been enhanced and has several new features:

Reports may now be printed or downloaded after the report has been presented, via two buttons near the top of the page. The download file will be a rich text document that can be opened by any word processor. The print button prints the html page without the navigation bar. Note that it is possible to print to a PDF document rather than to a printer, so that you have an electronic copy of your report. This version of FAS provides limited interpretation of HTML tags in the download documents.

A lookup function is built into the form for adding team members. Simply begin to type the first or last name of the member or type the UserId and choices will appear below the textbox. Hit the down arrow to select the correct entry and click the tab key to set this member or use your mouse to select the correct entry. The member's name will be loaded for you. If the team member is not a faculty member, you should type their email address and tab to enter their name.

To begin to standardize the roles for team members, select lists are now provided on the activity forms. Although a default role is presented for you and any team members added, this may not be the best choice. Please help improve this information by selecting the most appropriate role for each member.

About this application...

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The announced hours of availability for this system are as follows:
Monday - Friday 7:00am to 2:00am;
Saturday 8:00am to 10:00pm;
Sunday 10:00am to midnight.
In addition to information in the FAS database, this system relies upon information in the University's Data Warehouse.